Tuesday, August 7, 2007

1960s Drum&Bass

Moving across the Congo river, to the 1960s, when Brazzaville musicians had to leave Kinshasa. Prime Minister Tshombe ordered the expulsion of "aliens" in 1964. Many of the famous Kinois orchestras, like OK Jazz, lost their best musicians (at least for a while).

Ange Linaud, who later led Super Boboto, started Orchestre Tembo. You may have heard "Yebo Edi Pachanga" on Racubah (now out of stock at Dustygroove but you should still be able to find it elsewhere).

These tracks distill the groove into (IMHO) two delicious sebene...

Ange Linaud & Orchestre Tembo - Mpuanani
Ange Linaud & Orchestre Tembo - Muzina "Ave Maria"


zim said...

Pieter, this is fantastic. Its my favorite of all the music that you've posted, and that's saying quite a bit as I've liked them all.

Anonymous said...

Wow, lovely music! Many thanks for sharing this. Cheers from Boston USA.

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