Tuesday, June 5, 2007

More Syliphone Sounds

Syli Authentic was one of the younger generation's bands in Guinea-Conakry's music revolution. Like Camayenne Sofa, Syli was composed of teenagers, students, spreading Sekou Toure's message (as did all Guinean orchestras). Still, while exhorting the people to farm or praising the president, their grooves remain energetic, a mix of forest rhythms and the urban bustle of the 1970s. Here are two examples: Senero and Nbessoma.

You can find the Syliphone discography here, thanks to Graeme Counsel! And you can also look online for Dr. Graeme's 2006 PhD, "Mande Popular Music and Cultural Policies in West Africa," which he'll hopefully turn into a book soon.


avocado kid said...

awesome! Love the Syliphone shiz.

jeanluc said...

Ah, "Senbero" is nice - I know it from Bembeya Jazz. Thanks!!!

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