Thursday, August 27, 2009


Can't figure out who this is. Let me know if you have more information.

It's a Victoria 45 with two tracks:

Bosco Mpangi ya munu ('Bosco My Friend' in Kikongo) on Side 1. Author/Composer Jean Bosco (but it doesn't sound much like Jean Bosco Mwenda from Likasi/Lubumbashi?).

Emile Molangi on Side 2. Author/composer Backirimbia. Never heard of this composer and can't fnd any information.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Tabou National

Tabou National started in Kin but this version of the band had a foot in Nairobi. The song has Lingala and Swahili lyrics. The band went through several configurations, as many of the Congolese bands that started in Kin and later drifted to East Africa. Muzikifan put up a great overview of the messy history of 1970s and 1980s bands in East African cities. The 45 states this was a 1976 composition by Fataki Lokassa and (?) Bokake.

I just love the pace of this groove. Enjoy Part 1 and Part 2 of Makale Nawe.

(Joe, thanks for uploading files! There's plenty more uploaded so there will be more posts soon: more old Congolese, some more Zambian tunes.)

In the meantime, I am still thoroughly enjoying and dancing to tunes from Zim and Beto (incredible cumbias). Thanks!

Eagerly waiting to hear new releases by AnalogAfrica and SoundwayRecords. I tried to find a copy of the Vodoun Effect last December in Belgium but failed; now Legends of Benin is also out! 'Broadband' tariffs are getting a bit cheaper here, and our internet provider cut its rate 50% so I'll splurge and finally download some more of Frank's Voodoofunk 'latest' mixes.

Check out Dr.Frank's Afroburo on Radio Centraal in Antwerp, now streaming live. He hosted Verckys and there's a 3-hour interview online.

And on africanhiphop, old-school Nigerian Rap (courtesy of combandrazor's Uchenna and Thomas, aka Juma4).

Tanzania Edition

Today's post features classic muziki wa dansi from the late 1970s. This album (the first LP edition on Tanzania Film Company TLP0...