Thursday, July 22, 2010

Leon Bukasa & Beguen Band

Well, I can't seem to go around the Congolese Independence. Worldservice has published excellent info on Leon Bukasa and the early Ngoma years, I am not going to add text and just play the music.

These are from one of those early Ngoma 45s, both tracks celebrate the independence. I don't recall that Wrldsrv posted these already so it's my way to say, Thanks Stefan!, for all the rarities and stories you have posted.

Leon Bukasa & Beguen Band - Tokanisa Kongo Ya Biso (Let's think about our Kongo)
Leon Bukasa & Beguen Band - Bukole


icastico said...

Yes...Sea Never Dry is back. !!!

Anonymous said...

need your help. You know the name of this song and the the orchestra. remember has submitted in your blog some Arabic music. I wonder if the melody is Arabic.

thanks for your information.
Alexis Galeano Toro
California - U.S.A

reservatory said...

New stuff! Have been checking back regularly since your last set introduced me to the now-beloved Rock-A-Mambo. THANKS!

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