Thursday, September 24, 2009

From Rock-A-Mambo To Orchestre Bantou

On the A side of this 45 -- a Pathe-Marconi edition, originally released on the Esengo label -- you get Nino (Malapet) and Rock-A-Mambo; on the B side, (Edouard) Edo (Ganga) and (Jean Serge) Essous with Orchestre Bantou. All representing the best of Kinshasa's musicians and orchestras in the 1950s, from Negro Jazz and African Jazz to OK Jazz.

I'm still searching for another 45 by Rock-A-Mambo: ESDF 1372 which has the Orchestra performing with Kabasele and African Jazz. It has a track called "Les Voyous" (delinquent, rascal) which I'd love to hear. Well, to be honest, I'd love to listen to it all. Check muzikifan's discography of Rock-A-Mambo.

Orchestre Rock-A-Mambo - Yamare
Orchestre Rock-A-Mambo - Iyele
Orchestre Bantou - Nalembi Bipale
Orchestre Bantou - Ah! Que Pena

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The New Rhythm of The Time

Several folks have asked to hear more of Rock-A-Mambo. Going back in time, to the 1950s, Rock-A-Mambo was a predecessor of Orchestre Bantous (de la Capitale).

More on Bantous later: they are (were?) back on tour, celebrating 50 years of performing!

I posted one track of this Rock-A-Mambo 45 a long time ago (2004!) in a guest post at Bennloxo. I cannot get enough of the rocamambu rhythms and hope to find more 45s some day.

Post title from the beginning of Panchita: .. el nuevo ritmo del tiempo...

Here are all the tracks:

Serenade Sentimentale

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Poly Rythmo

The legendary Poly Rythmo is touring Europe this September (France, Holland, Belgium, UK). It's the first time they will be performing in Europe and going by these recent clips (of rehearsals in Cotonou and the first concert in Holland), I wish I was up north right now and could see them live.

Clip 1 & Clip 2: Orchestre Poly Rythmo 2009. Clip 3: Venlo Concert, Sept. 2009

If you're (still) wondering what they sound like, listen to this 45 by the prolific orchestra: a composition by Joachim Boya, performed by Eskill Lohento and Poly Rythmo (Editions Satel 129).

Bon Weekend - Poly Rythmo
Production - Poly Rythmo

Want more? Miles Cleret (of Soundwayrecords) put up his favourite tracks of the orchestra (85 min).

Enjoy your weekend wherever you are & if you can, go support and dance with Poly Rythmo.

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