Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The New Rhythm of The Time

Several folks have asked to hear more of Rock-A-Mambo. Going back in time, to the 1950s, Rock-A-Mambo was a predecessor of Orchestre Bantous (de la Capitale).

More on Bantous later: they are (were?) back on tour, celebrating 50 years of performing!

I posted one track of this Rock-A-Mambo 45 a long time ago (2004!) in a guest post at Bennloxo. I cannot get enough of the rocamambu rhythms and hope to find more 45s some day.

Post title from the beginning of Panchita: .. el nuevo ritmo del tiempo...

Here are all the tracks:

Serenade Sentimentale


reservatory said...

FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for this current flood of extraordinary music. I haven't checked back here for awhile, but I'm so glad I did. Rock-A-Mambo (and racamambu) are completely new to me. Love the horns on Baila. Great Poly-Rythmo, too - all your 2009 posts. Welcome back?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Merci, pour toutes ces découvertes !!

gracenotes said...

Lovely - I've picked off a few others from elsewhere in the blog, too. Many thanks, and hoping you keep up this excellent work.

Anonymous said...

wonderful songs
keep updating it's hard to find these jewels

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