Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Shaking Soul

During the famous 1977 Festival of Arts and Culture, it was Benin's T.P. Orchestre Poly-rythmo that stole the show. I'll feature them in the future. Until then, here's a couple of tracks from Nigeria and Congo (via Nairobi again).

Victor Uwaifo's Erame just puts a smile on my face: the heavy brass playing around with the organ, the vibraphone dipping into the groove, sharp spare drums, and the bass of Victor's voice. He's now "Ambassador, Plenipotentiary Extraordinary of Culture and Tourism, Cross-Rivers State, Nigeria." Really, read all about it on his site where you can also order some of his newer albums.

Auguila Gaston Demaye composed Soul Soukous and that's about all I can write. This is probably a Congolese original (Pathe 45), reprinted in Nairobi. No other information. So just enjoy and dance the Soul Soukous.


Anonymous said...

great blog, nice music, very nice indeed. pieter being bizy bizy, I see a lot of new post every few days I check sea never dry!
can't seem to read the comments, though. too bad, would be nice to have an opportunity for a nice babble.
dr dre

Hans dB said...

Hey Pieter,
I came across your blog through Frank's Voodoo Funk blog. You're doing a great job, researching, preserving and spreading all this info! Keep it coming!

Best from Belgium,

Max said...

Just found your blog--looks great but the file host seems to be down (hope it's temporary as I'd love to hear some of these).

jon said...

have you given up? more!

Pieter said...

Hi Jon,

Haven't given up. One post up and new ones coming...


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