Thursday, August 27, 2009


Can't figure out who this is. Let me know if you have more information.

It's a Victoria 45 with two tracks:

Bosco Mpangi ya munu ('Bosco My Friend' in Kikongo) on Side 1. Author/Composer Jean Bosco (but it doesn't sound much like Jean Bosco Mwenda from Likasi/Lubumbashi?).

Emile Molangi on Side 2. Author/composer Backirimbia. Never heard of this composer and can't fnd any information.


kalebeul said...

I think track 1 is in Kituba, which is mainly spoken further west, and the guitar style is straightforward electric Congolese, so the Jean Bosco reference is indeed mysterious.

kiku said...

These tracks are from early Orchestre Bella Bella, circa 1971. Second composer is mislabeled : Makirimbia instead of Bakirimbia.

Pieter said...

Thanks, Kiku, for the Bella Bella info!

Dancemonkey said...

songs are in Lingala although the title for Bosco Mpangi na Munu is in Kikongo meaning Bosco my brother. Both songs are sang in lingala.

Definitely out of Kinshasa.

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