Saturday, September 5, 2009

Poly Rythmo

The legendary Poly Rythmo is touring Europe this September (France, Holland, Belgium, UK). It's the first time they will be performing in Europe and going by these recent clips (of rehearsals in Cotonou and the first concert in Holland), I wish I was up north right now and could see them live.

Clip 1 & Clip 2: Orchestre Poly Rythmo 2009. Clip 3: Venlo Concert, Sept. 2009

If you're (still) wondering what they sound like, listen to this 45 by the prolific orchestra: a composition by Joachim Boya, performed by Eskill Lohento and Poly Rythmo (Editions Satel 129).

Bon Weekend - Poly Rythmo
Production - Poly Rythmo

Want more? Miles Cleret (of Soundwayrecords) put up his favourite tracks of the orchestra (85 min).

Enjoy your weekend wherever you are & if you can, go support and dance with Poly Rythmo.


icastico said...

Hope this leads to some shows in America.

Anonymous said...

i was surprised how good it was there in venlo

Z j A k said...

Thanks friend Pieter from Pierre.
You're now on Jam magica.

Pieter said...

Thanks, ZJAK !

reservatory said...

Thanks also for the link to the Miles Cleret Poly Rythmo mix. Great stuff.

Z j A k said...

And if you like Miles mix ,
try also chapter {44} on ><

Pieter said...

Merci ZjAk,

Listening to it right now! Excellent!

Anonymous said...

how can i down load the podcast?

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