Saturday, August 4, 2007

Congo Jazz

I don't know exactly where Super Cercul fits in the infinite versioning of Congolese bands, in this case Orchestre Cercul and Cercul Jazz. In any case, this is early Congolese music when musicians from both sides of the Congo river, from Kinshasa (then Leopoldville) and Brazzaville mixed and mingled to come up with these sounds. Cercul's name comes from a youth organization, Centre Culturel de Bacongo. This is where people like Franklin Boukaka started out, hanging out at Kabasele's African Jazz in the late 1950s, before striking out on their own.

Super Cercul - Adelina
Super Cercul - Na Ye Na Lisano
Super Cercul - Vero Na Tika Lise Mi Kuawa
Super Cercul - Succes Cercul


Analog Africa said...

From AnalogAfrica

Hi pieter. I have started a blog (analog africa) this morning and have linked your blog to mine, maybe you can do the same. Very much love what you are posting. By the way I am releasing "Wait For me" in February, I´m a good friend of Roger. All the best and keep it up. Samy

Pieter said...

Hi Samy,

Thanks! I'll put a link. It's great you're releasing "Wait For Me." That's something I hoped when I started this blog, that people get more exposed to music that's almost 'lost.' How are you releasing it? Vinyl, CD? Pass my warmest regards to Roger!


Analog Africa said...
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Analog Africa said...

Hi pieter. Thank for the Link!
The track will be released on both Vinyl and CD in January 2008. I have started working on that comp in August 2005, so I glad its finally coming to an end. The promotional copies are already into print so I should be receiving them in about two weeks. I will send you a copy, maybe you can write a little story about it. Nick Robbins at Soundmastering did an amazing job.
Roger is a phenomenon. Very energetic, friendly and always helpful. He took me under his wing every time I was in Lomé. He now does some production work but he spend most of his time doing jingles for television and Radio. He is also into acting. He still has exactly that voice. I recorded him while he was telling me how he got into music, That was on May 15th 2006, it is in French.
Here a Pic. All the best. Samy

Pieter said...

Hi Samy,

Thanks much for the offer! Drop me a mail (premesatgmaildotcom) and I'll send you my address. I'll be happy to write a story.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pieter

I hope you will keep posting 'lost' music. It's great that compilations are being made elsewhere, but the aim there is to make money versus re-exposing forgotten artists. Your purpose seems different, and I as well as many around the world owe you a debt of karma for sharing some truly great music that we would not otherwise ever have heard of, so thank you and keep up the great work!

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